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Individual > Enablement Sessions

1-on-1 enablement sessions focused on psychology based solutions for career and reward improvement.

  • 1 hour
  • Session Details Available Upon Booking

Service Description

Our 1-on-1 enablement sessions are designed to help individuals navigate mental obstacles that can often observed within one's performance while at work. By increasing knowledge and awareness of behavioral interactions between rewards and career progression, we work to expand talent capabilities as well as one's structure for professional consistency and growth. CAREER ENABLEMENT Enablement sessions provide professionals the opportunity to elevate both their personal and professional development experience. During sessions, professionals reflect on wins and challenges they have/are experiencing in their career journey. Simultaneously, our team utilizes reliable and validated resources to overcome barriers and initiate growth within business acumen and professional fulfillment. REWARD ENABLEMENT Individuals are empowered to identify "keys of consistency" that are present when making money moves. Each session is designed to bridge gaps due to cognitive, behavioral, or relational deficiencies identified and agreed upon. As priority into behavior development gives way to a new financial picture, we partner to create accountability measures that help sustain growth in both direction and action. PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT & INTERVENTION Sometimes, people need an additional perspective to help remove performance obstacles that may hinder success. Using I-O psychology practices and solutions, we serve as an extension to employee relations teams with intention to identify personal motivational potential and build bridges to improved personal performance. COMPENSATION ANALYSIS & REVIEW For professionals seeking information regarding the latest pay details, we run market analyses and reviews to provide insight on jobs of interests. Additional reports are given to requesting individuals arming them with credible details needed to make the best financial and career decisions for themselves.

Booking Policy

We encourage all organizations and/or professionals to utilize the Client Portal to book all project, assistance, and/or enablement consulting sessions based upon the Project Plan subscription (and number of project sessions) purchased. No portion of the services purchased and/or contract fee paid to Ekonometrix is refundable except for the 72-hour period (or 3-business days) after subscribing/signing on to a project plan. Please ensure you research, review, select and commit to the project, assistance, or enablement plan that is right for you, your organization, and/or your employee(s). Clients subscribed to a plan may cancel or reschedule sessions no later than 4 hours prior to appointment start time. The client may choose to cease use of the Client Portal booking system at anytime (in writing to: and utilize other agreed upon communication methods to schedule appointments. Clients who choose to opt of the booking system will maintain access to the Ekonometrix Client Portal until the last day of respective project plan subscription. Please note that this may cause a slight delay in confirming session availability and receiving appointment approvals. If you have any further questions or need assistance in booking project / enablement sessions through the Client Portal, feel free to contact us at

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