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As a talent enablement agency we work to unlock the best in people. Whether that's improving workforce optimization, administering pay interventions to sustain internal equity and external competitivity, or working with teams in designing performance pathways for career possibilities, we are in business for...people.

Compensation Management

Partnering with your organization, we work to develop and implement compensation programs that can support and sustain an engaged workforce while seeking to keep employees motivated and driven at every level.

Talent Management

Anchored in the scientist-practitioner model of I-O psychology, we collaborate with stakeholders to strengthen productivity norms that exist within organizations empowering career health, direction, effectiveness, and overall cohesion.

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"...there's something amazing that happens when you exchange information, time, and talents with others. it's the key that opens the door to life's greatest and most rewarding experiences." 

company services

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The Ekonometrix Internship Program

Our paid internship program is designed to provide future HR, occupational psychology, and talent enablement professionals the opportunity to acquire on-the-job experience, collaborating with our team on various occupation-based endeavors. Interns will also be provided sponsorship towards advanced certifications and/or industry events.

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