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Ekonometrix for Individuals

Our 1-on-1 enablement sessions are designed to help individuals navigate through mental obstacles that are often observed within one's financial and professional relationships. By increasing knowledge and awareness of behavioral interactions within these two capacities, we expand talent capabilities and expand one's structure for professional consistency and growth.


All services under our Ekonometrix for Individual's umbrella are voluntary and give professionals the permission to engage in confidential enablement sessions that uncover personal insights and align mobility desires to creditable best practices and opportunities.


During financial enablement sessions, individuals are empowered to identify "keys of consistency" that are present when making money moves. Each session is designed to bridge gaps due to cognitive, behavioral, or relational deficiencies identified and agreed upon. As priority into behavior development gives way to a new financial picture, we partner to create accountability measures that help sustain growth in both direction and action.


Our structured career enablement sessions provide professionals the opportunity to elevate both the personal and professional development experience via psychology-based solutions. During sessions, professionals reflect on wins and challenges they have/are experiencing in their career journey. Simultaneously, our team utilizes reliable and validated resources to overcome barriers and initiate growth within business acumen and professional fulfillment. 

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