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The compensation consulting umbrella provides project, and advisory solutions to organizations

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  • Session Details Available Upon Booking

Service Description

Creating reward plans that reflect an organization's ethos and objectives is a cornerstone of attracting and retaining exceptional talent. By designing strategic compensation programs, companies can incentivize and reward performing employees in line with their values and goals. To ensure that the organization is on the right track, we assess the practical and financial effectiveness of its talent management approach. This analysis helps identify gaps, optimize existing resources, and anticipate future staffing needs, enabling the organization to remain alert in the dynamic job market. With a well-planned and finely-tuned compensation strategy, organizations can build a motivated and engaged workforce that drives business success. PAY PHILOSOPHY DESIGN & COMPENSATION STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT MARKET PRICING PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE + STATEMENT REPORTING EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION REWARD SYSTEMS + PROCESS INTEGRATIONS

Booking Policy

We encourage all organizations and/or professionals to utilize the Client Portal to book all project, assistance, and/or enablement consulting sessions based upon the Project Plan subscription (and number of project sessions) purchased. No portion of the services purchased and/or contract fee paid to Ekonometrix is refundable except for the 72-hour period (or 3-business days) after subscribing/signing on to a project plan. Please ensure you research, review, select and commit to the project, assistance, or enablement plan that is right for you, your organization, and/or your employee(s). Clients subscribed to a plan may cancel or reschedule sessions no later than 4 hours prior to appointment start time. The client may choose to cease use of the Client Portal booking system at anytime (in writing to: and utilize other agreed upon communication methods to schedule appointments. Clients who choose to opt of the booking system will maintain access to the Ekonometrix Client Portal until the last day of respective project plan subscription. Please note that this may cause a slight delay in confirming session availability and receiving appointment approvals. If you have any further questions or need assistance in booking project / enablement sessions through the Client Portal, feel free to contact us at

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